Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Retreasure me

Aedín Twamley from Retreasure me in Dublin writes about her intriguing shedworkingesque set-up pictured above:
We don't actually work in a shed, but we built a timber-clad extension a couple of years ago for the kitchen diningroom and put a deck down the side of it with doors to the old dining-come-everything room which is now our workplace - I moved my office out onto the deck and under a parasol this week.

Also, in Winter the study/home office gets pretty cold even on a sunny day so it's great to take tea-breaks in the greenhouse to heat up or do a bit of thinking (too bright for the laptop!). Funnily enough we are actually now trying to plan a shed for the corner of the garden - but for storage (I know, what an odd thing to use a shed for). We have a strange pointy corner of the garden with big metal doors and a slab of concrete in front of them from an old metal shed belonging to our predecessor - we hope to build something wooden to tidy up and make the most use of that corner, whilst providing storage. My husband would also like to incorporate an overhang to sit under in the rain!

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