Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Timber Garden Studio - how to selfbuild your garden office

Timber Garden Studio is an excellent blog by Geoff Stow, a director of The Sustainable Building Association charting the day-by-day design and self-build of a small timber summerhouse in the garden of a small house in Devon which includes a green roof. It's an excellent description for anybody thinking of building their own. He's also honest enough to say where things have not gone entirely to plan:
On the whole it has worked well and the roof has remained very luxuriant mainly because it is under the tree so doesn't get full sun. Two Small problems the water doesn't flow off the roof fast enough sometimes and as the rooflight is not very high sometimes the water comes over the top of the membrane. the other problem is squirrels who have eaten through the plastic guard and got into the insulation and having removed some of the rockwool they now have moved in and bred.

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