Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Sulari Gentill: shedworker

Australian novelist Sulari Gentill - her latest book is The Woman in the Library - is also a shedworker. There's a nice interview with her on the Australian Writers' Centre site where she talks about her octagonal writing hut's unusual location on a truffery, and her intriguing weather vane. Here's a snippet:

Inside, Sulari has a green leather chaise longue (“because I like to write with my feet up” she says), an oak bookcase, a small cabinet that houses her manuscripts, a heater for chilly days, an armchair and a tin of snacks. The talented writer is also a true Renaissance woman because she’s not only a writer and truffier (grower of truffles), she’s also a portrait painter. So she also has a matching twin hut nearby, which serves as her artist’s studio.


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