Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Andy Zaltzman: shedworker

If you listen to Test Match Special then over the past few years you'll have been treated to the marvellous commentary of Andy Zaltzman, comedian and cricket statistician par excellence. You'll be delighted to hear that much of his work is done in his home garden office in south London. He often talks about it in his interviews (often bemoaning poor phone signal but strangely powerful wifi connection) and most recently in a chat with Si Hawkins for The British Comedy Guide's Circuit Training slot. The whole thing is worth a read but here's a snippet about what he's got in there: 

Lots of stuff, like my big collection of cricket books from my cricket obsessed teenage years, bits and bobs of weird stuff I've bought as props, I've got a giant wooden duck I bought as a prop for a show that I ended up not doing because of Covid. Some day maybe the giant wooden duck will make its emotional stage debut. But at the moment, it's just cluttering up the back of my shed. I've got a green screen up, to cover the mayhem.


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