Monday, April 25, 2022

Is this the most thermally efficient garden office in the UK?

The Spaces Group (which takes in Garden Spaces and Annexe Spaces) is unveiling its new SEE upgrade package at Garden Designs Live later this week.

"We are always looking to offer our discerning customers the very latest in technological advances in materials, improvements in thermal efficiency, and the associated reduction in energy consumption," says the company's director Roger Hedges. "As standard, our structures are all compliant with thermal requirements for new build homes but we always aim to surpass these requirements to create structures that will keep our customers’ energy bills as low as absolutely possible. 

"We are now launching our new SEE (Super Energy Efficient) upgrade package to increase the thermal performance of our buildings to an unprecedented level. To the SIP core we are adding an additional layer of multi-layer ‘space age’ foil sheets [pictured above] in the floor, walls and ceiling, that will further improve the thermal performance and keep the overall size of the structure almost the same as with our standard rooms, so there is no compromise to be made in lost space. We are also offering an uplift to high performance glazing. 

"So in total as part of the SEE package, we can realise improvement in overall thermal performance of up to 30%, and this can have a significant impact on the energy used to heat or cool your building in both summer and winter. If you add to this the highly efficient climate control system, and some additional fenestration blind coverings the improvements can be even more significant. We are confident enough to make the bold statement that we can supply ‘The most thermally efficient garden rooms available in the UK today’."

You can take a look yourself at GDL where the company is offering this upgrade on a ‘cost only’ basis to all new customers who visits their stand F7, right next to the Grand Theatre. 


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