Saturday, April 30, 2022

How to build a pottery studio

An excellent piece by Somerset-based ceramicist Kara Leigh Ford who makes tableware, mugs, teapots, teaspoons and kitchenware as well as larger art pieces from her 3m x 4m garden studio, pictured above, just outside Bath. She also writes an excellent blog on her site (which is really impressive, well worth a look at) called The Shed Diaries in which she extensively and helpfully - including budget - outlines how she built her garden office in 2018 in a post called How I built my pottery studio

"My new studio has been a total game-changer," she says. "It’s an absolute joy to work in. I have the space to work efficiently, I am not on top of myself. I also now run intimate pottery workshops and one to one teaching. It took far more hard work, money and if I am honest stress than we could have imagined - maybe we just made a meal out of it but if you asked me is it worth it - a thousand million times YES! I love it so so much!"


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