Thursday, April 28, 2022

Home Office Module Cubed inspired by Minecraft

The new HOM3 or Home Office Module Cubed comes from London-based JaK Studio (model and broadcaster Jodie Kidd is among its happy clients as she reveals in The Times). It's designed to be modular so you can adjust the size of your garden office accordingly. Extra features include acoustic lining and pull-down beds. Each model is made from sustainable timber sourced from Bosnian and for every sale JaK Studio makes a contribution to offset its environmental impact.

It also has an interesting inspiration as studio director Jacob Low reveals: "During lockdown, our team became fascinated by the principles of games such as Minecraft which allow people to transform and customize their environments, and we began experimenting with the idea of customizable, modular micro-architecture. HOM3 transports what we found in the gaming world to the physical space, offering a really unique design solution for modern living." 


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