Saturday, April 02, 2022

Garden office interior design trends

The fine folk at Riverside Garden Rooms have picked out their top five garden room trends for 2022. Here's what they say about 'Minimalism and Spaciousness' (with an example of their models pictured above):

Taking the minimalist approach to garden room interior design brings a long list of benefits. Eliminating anything unnecessary from the picture frees up more space to be used in more practical ways. In addition, opting for the minimalist approach can lead to significant savings, as less is more.

Best of all, the minimalist approach to interior design never fails to look elegant and sophisticated. It’s a look that can be achieved by keeping furniture and fixtures to the bare minimum, while combining just one or two primary materials or colours. You can still add your own signature twists here and there, but the minimalist look is about limiting the presence of anything that does not need to be there.

They also look at Rounded Shapes and Curved Lines, Natural Materials and Textures, Cottage Style and Multifunctional Spaces. Well worth a browse. 


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