Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Study Box

Bert's Boxes - part of the Bert & May design group - launched its Study Box model during the pandemic targeting very clearly those people looking for a garden office. Here's a fine example belonging to Anna Ferguson which replaced a rotting wooden hut at the bottom of their garden. It has plenty of reclaimed timber both on the interior and exterior, features black and white Bert & May tiles, and windows that match the Crittall-style windows at the back of the house. This is what Anna says about it:

"We use it mainly as a home office but have set it up with a large comfy sofa and drinks fridge full of beer and wine. Both me and my partner use it for work (we have to take turns as we both want to be in it!) and occasionally our greyhound joins us as he likes lying on the heated floor! If homeworking diminishes and as our little boy grows up, we can imagine it becoming a really cool hang out space for a teenager."


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