Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Karin Celestine: shedworker

Karin Celestine is the creative force behind Celestine and the Hare. From her garden office shed in her back garden in Monmouth, Wales - crowdfunded by supporters and built by Garden Affairs - she makes needlefelted woollen creatures which she sells online and in galleries, and runs popular needle felting workshops. She also produces stop motion animations of them and writes about them in a growing range of children’s books published by Graffeg. Here's what she says about her work:

I love the inbetween, that is where I am most happy, in myself as a mixed heritage non binary person and in my work combining art and science, and in my worlds I create where real meets fairy tale and folklore. I have a love of the magical worlds that exist just out of the corner of our eye, the idea that creatures are going about their every day business, watering their flowers, reading books in the woods,
Karin calls her space 'Shed of Glory', a wonderful name. Here's what she says about it:

"It looks like a little Swedish red house on the outside. Inside the wood feels so lovely to be around. It is so easy to put up shelves or hooks. It is warm and cosy, The doors and windows all work and are double glazed but there is something cosy about being in a small wooden space. I have all my stuff around me, pictures on the walls.. I just love it so much. And I’m planning on a green roof for it too so it will be helping the wildlife as well as making me happy inside.

Here's an example of her work, The Lightbringers, the first in a four-part series called Tales of the Turning Year, based on the seasons, nature and folklore.


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