Friday, March 04, 2022

Andrew Robinson: shedworker

We're delighted to welcome Andrew Robinson for today's guest post. Andrew is Professional Director at Andrew Granger & Co which offer property services from offices in Market Harborough, Leicester, and Loughborough.

The dictionary definition of a shed is described as "a simple roofed structure used for garden storage, to shelter animals, or as a workshop". Oh, but how this has now changed. 

There have always been people that use a shed or an outbuilding in a less than conventional way, but the pandemic has really changed the way in which we view the space we have at home and how we need to use it. The meagre shed has now become a vital, additional living or working space for a lot of people. And these additional spaces add value to a property.

The meagre shed is no longer meagre and has taken on a whole new look with many people investing significant sums of money to make these very comfortable, useable spaces. George Clarke has even made a Channel 4 TV programme out of it. Gyms, offices, workshops, art and craft rooms, bars, games rooms, reading rooms, man-caves, teenager-caves, home spas, Airbnb spaces – you name it, you’ll find it housed in a ‘shed’.

I've had my own log cabin ‘shed’ in my garden for 15 years. I use it as my office, and the space and quiet away from the house has been invaluable, particularly the last couple of years where I have been predominantly based from home.

When I had it built, I made sure that it had everything I needed including mains electricity, a small kitchen area and a log burner. If I’d have know how much time I’d be spending in it the last couple of years, I would have had it better insulated though! With a shed or outbuilding you’re only limited by your imagination as to what the space could be used for, and I certainly couldn’t imagine life without mine. Even our dogs love to spend the day there with me.

If you have an outbuilding project in mind, it’s best to check if it requires planning permission before you get started. You can find lots of useful information and advice at the Planning Permission - Outbuildings - Planning Portal.


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