Saturday, November 06, 2021

Modern garden room interior design ideas

A nice post on the SMART blog about choosing how to decorate your garden office or shedlike atmosphere. It looks at five examples from their customers which is always nicer than a celebrity set-up as they are genuine living/working spaces. 

Above is one with a coastal theme. Here's what SMART say about it: It draws its inspiration from lighter aqua, green, cream tones to create a nature-inspired relaxed feel.  As the owners of this SMART garden room overlooking the Cornish coast have created, coastal garden rooms embrace neutral tones, plenty of natural light and cosy interiors (cue the sheepskin throws and cable-knit blanket). Actually, owners Paul and Katharine, have made clever use of their art studio, which also doubles-up as a social space. They’ve given a great deal of thought as to where they position their garden room furniture. Katharine’s studio desk overlooks the ocean, where two armchairs face in the opposite direction underneath a soft textured rug to separate the work and social space.


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  1. I'm truly impressed by the innovative modern garden room interior designs showcased here. The seamless blend of nature-inspired elements with contemporary aesthetics creates a tranquil yet stylish retreat. These ideas have me inspired to transform my own garden space into a captivating haven. Thankyou for sharing this blog with us.