Saturday, November 27, 2021

Building your own garden office

We did a 'five years later' post about Shedworking reader Mark Porter-Davison's selfbuild garden office odyssey recently and Mark very kindly supplied more images of his build and a few more details. Here's what Mark says about its history:

The short story is that I spotted a beautiful frame in a farmer's field in the borders. A guy had started it as a sort of showpiece for a canoe-building company he was going to run from one of the farm buildings. His plans had changed and a lady saw me taking a pic of 'my dream shed' and whispered that I could probably buy it, because the farmer wanted it removed. I ended up buying the frame and having it moved to a friend's house on a truck. From there I had to take it all apart, piece by piece, and move it on my car's roof to its new home at the end of our garden. Then I set about dusting down my CDT skills not touched since school and trying to rebuild, refactor and complete it using tools I picked up in Lidl. I'm delighted with the end result and it's become my home office and source of daily sanctity and solitude... all inspired by your book!


Welcome to your new teak garden room from Moonalabs. Unparalleled quality at an affordable price.

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