Friday, November 26, 2021

Garden office cubes

A nice roundup piece about the garden office industry by Anna Jones for the BBC ('The 'bespoke luxury' of tiny garden office cubes') listing numerous possibilities and focusing on Ryan Williams's new office by Skypods (pictured above) from where he runs his social media marketing company KOMI. Here's a snippet about the situation in Australia:

Melanie Williamson set up her company, Backyard Pods, in 2015, in response to what she saw as a gap in the market for affordable flatpack garden offices and outbuildings. Her flatpack kits start at around A$5,000, (£2,729, $3,660) and she says that at times over the past few months, orders have been three times higher than normal.

She says she’s noticed a lot of interest among city-dwellers who are moving to smaller towns so they can benefit from cheaper property prices and bigger gardens with room for outdoor workspaces. “Sometimes they start consulting with us before they buy their property, because they are buying the property with the intention to do this,” she says.


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