Thursday, November 04, 2021

Nicola Penfold: shedworker

Awardwinning North London children's writer Nicola Penfold who writes adventure books about the natural world (Where the World Turns Wild, Between Sea and Sky) is also now a shedworker, having written her first two books in the study of her home. Here's what she says about her new writing shed:

"I feel incredibly lucky because we recently moved house and, at the end of our new garden, there is an old wooden summerhouse. We have painted it white inside and put in a desk and shelves and pictures, and it’s got windows overlooking the garden. I hear birdsong all day long, and woodpeckers drilling holes in tall trees nearby. I feel very lucky! It’s also a great place to do virtual visits or make videos (and allow for multiple takes, without having to keep my children quiet for too long!)."


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