Friday, October 22, 2021

To Hang

Not strictly a garden office but with definite shedlike vibes, To Hang by Kirsty Watt at Groves-Raines Architects was one of the shortlisted finalists in Building Design's recent Building [Re]Design competition, the Stratford Design Challenge which called for young architects to come up with built solutions to issues in the east London town centre.

Kirsty's excellent entry aimed to deal with the relationship young women have with public space. Here's her summary of the design:

“To Hang” is a drawing exploration of how small-scale, low cost intervention - possibly even using reclaimed materials - can provide spaces for young girls and women to pause and enjoy the outdoors. Some may choose to sit for a while and read, or play on the swings for a while, whilst some may only stop for a few minutes to wait for a friend, or to have a look at a pop up exhibition and enjoy a cup of coffee. Fundamentally, the structure is flexible and malleable to the needs of the local community at that point in time; it can be moved along rails, extended, or closed as and when required, with girls and young women fully in control.

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  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Hi there - I didn't actually give permission for this to be shared here but would ask anyone interested to go to my website to see other pieces of my work!

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    Apologies. I've added that link to the main post.