Sunday, October 17, 2021

Log garden studio craft business

One of the many perks of garden rooms is the extra space they can add to a home without the need for time-consuming – often expensive – extension works. Francoise Read found the perfect Norwegian Log contemporary log room to run her craft business from her own garden, freeing up precious space in her kitchen. Before finding the perfect garden studio, her work area was essentially her kitchen table where she used to design her products for card and scrapbook. 

After deciding to create a stand-alone space dedicated to her craft, Francoise and her husband Paul visited Norwegian Log’s showroom in Reading. The Reads chose a 7.5m x 4m design, the largest model the company offers under 30m², which didn’t require building regulations or planning permission. “We also chose this model because it fits with the type of house we have got – it’s modern, it’s open, it fits every sort of criteria we were looking for,” says Paul. “We were so impressed with the building team themselves, right from design to coming down and reviewing our requirements. Most importantly, the actual construction of it, I was so impressed with how it was done. I have to say the workmanship was really good.”

This glass-front garden studio gives Francoise a great view of her large garden, allowing her to be inspired by her natural surroundings. “You are more or less sitting in the garden – you’ve got the sun coming in, all the light, it’s really airy, it’s perfect for my job, it makes me even more creative than I am already,” she says about her new garden room. With a full wall of double glazed bi-fold doors, the studio benefits from great natural light and, with a large craft table strategically placed near the doors, Francoise can make the most of natural daylight. The studio also boasts plenty of shelving, a television with music system, and a comfortable swivel chair. 

“I can either sit in my chair and draw, or work from the table. I like having the doors fully open from late spring. The building also has air conditioning so if it’s really hot outside I can close the doors and work in comfort” says Francoise. Having a private space to dedicate to your arts and crafts – whether this is your profession or a hobby – can help you maintain your focus and inspiration. As Francoise says, a garden room or studio “is somewhere for me to get away, to be in my own zone. I absolutely love it and it’s been a brilliant addition to the house."


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