Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Biophilic interior designs for your garden office

Two new possibilities for decorating the walls of your garden office from wallpaper specialists Graham & Brown who say they are predicting an "Oxygenating botanicals trend" this year and have consequently released the designs above, Fiore (top) and Nuit (above).

“One of the key trends for this season, Biophilia is the inspiration for both Nuit and Fiore as it brings the outside in and connects us with natural elements," said Paula Taylor, colour & trend specialist at Graham & Brown. "This connection is of ever-increasing importance to our health and wellbeing in urban society as research has shown that even indirect elements of nature help reduce stress, blood pressure and heart rates and promotes wellbeing. Fiore with its larger scale and botanical silhouette brings a soothing influence to any room allowing you to be at one with nature wherever you may be. Nuit brings a sense of calm to the room with beautifully illustrated botanical flowers and birds creating a relaxing mood.”


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