Thursday, October 21, 2021

Autonomous work pod

Here's the WorkPod from US home office specialists Autonomous who have some bold claims to make about it... It's an insulated plywood build with a bitumen and composite wood cladding, coming in at around 8.5ft x 12ft, with a sloping roof and floor-to-ceiling glass doors. According to Autonomous, "it only takes a few enjoyable hours to complete the ultimate Lego set for adults. Don’t hire a bunch of contractors to build an extension and waste the better part of a year." Hmmm...

WorkPods come pre-wired and with air conditioning (you can see the plans here) and have an adjustable foundation mechanism if you're on slopey ground. Moreover, "WorkPod is wind, rain, snow, and humidity-resistant. Comfortable whether it’s -60 or 122 °F outside, and securely elevated to combat insects, heat, water, and mold." So there you have it.

Free shipping anywhere in the US but at the moment not available elsewhere on the planet.


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