Saturday, August 15, 2020

St Columba’s writing hut


Rather late to the party with this one, but here's a fascinating archaeological detective story about tracking down 6th century St Columba's hut on Iona (the site of which is pictured above at Tòrr an Aba, photo courtesy Historic Environment Scotland).

In this piece on The Conversation Adrián Maldonado, Glenmorangie Research Fellow and early medieval Scotland specialist at National Museums Scotland, talks us through a fascinating trail of discovery. Here's a snippet:

A vital part of Columba’s legend is the writing hut or monastic cell where he is said to have copied scriptures and received students. But despite previous efforts to prove its existence, archaeologists had long believed the evidence was not available – and that little or nothing remains of Columba’s time. We have been able to show otherwise. This is the story of how colleagues and I found compelling evidence that Columba’s hut really did exist, completing what a great team of archaeologists started decades earlier.

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