Thursday, August 13, 2020

Deborah Levy on her writing shed garden office

We've covered novelist Deborah Levy's writing shed several times before on Shedworking so it was intriguing to read about exactly how she furnishes it in the Financial Times. She has an... eclectic taste. Here is a snippet:

Pride of place on the wall of my shed is an artwork gifted to me by Cornelia Parker. It’s a black-and-white photograph of Charlotte Brontë’s quill and is part of a series titled Brontëan Abstracts. Parker used an electron microscope to magnify various objects and artefacts belonging to the Brontë family at the Parsonage Museum in Haworth, such as their needlework and even strands of their hair. Charlotte’s quill, in this photograph, resembles the wing of a bird. In my own mind, it is there in my shed to give flight to my own words.

Cornelia Parker has of course some experience of shed art...


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