Saturday, December 14, 2019

The rise of the composting toilet

One of the trends we've noticed picking up trend speed in the last few months is the installation of composting toilets in garden offices. Pictured above is the Separett Villa 9000 waterless compost toilet from WooWoo (they have a whole section about the issue on their site here) but there's also a great article in the Guardian on the subject by Emine Saner and here's a snippet quote from it by Martin Doyle from WooWoo:
“For the first time, building regulations [from 2010] specified that compost toilets could be used in place of flushing toilets. So there are no legal hurdles in not having a flushing toilet,” he says. By not mixing liquid and solid waste together, “the poo is relatively dry and therefore smells a lot less than people imagine. And the volume is less than people would imagine, too. I totally appreciate that some people are not going to be comfortable [emptying their own buckets], but it’s as simple as you can make it. The contents of the toilet can then be composted at home. In 12 months’ time you have a nutritious compost that you can use in any way that you like.”
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