Monday, December 09, 2019

Irregular shaped garden studio

An intriguing design by Brighton-based A Room in the Garden, run by Ivana Cavallo and Lukas Brzozowski, with especially unususal facia boards. It's in a beach-facing garden at Shoreham Beach in West Sussex. Here's what Ivana and Lukas say about it:
The most important visual aspect of the project was the outside finish. For us it was the first time we had used this type of material – cement particle boards – but it was the only material that would definitely survive many years in these seaside conditions. This little garden studio is right on the beach, meaning that storms can send thousands of litres of salty water at high speed across the surface, this does not end well for many building materials.
Although the owners are delighted with it, passersby on the beach are divided in their opinions. The Shedworking staff think it's marvellous.

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