Monday, December 16, 2019

Garden office landscaping ideas

This excellent little series from Norwegian Log continues with garden designers Jay Larch and Darran Jaques who run Jaques Larch Designs discussing how to incorporate a log cabin into the garden seamlessly. Here's a snippet:
To provide form, interest, and balance during the winter months, loosely lay out structural plants, such as low-growing Pittosporum tobira 'nana' in the garden. To soften the cabin year-round plant a small tree or large shrub, such as Hammemalis 'Arnolds Promise', closer to the building. It is important to include a few well-placed roses too. Choose a variety that is repeat flowering, with a good scent. Dot them around where you can - and appreciate their heady scent (but nothing too formal, please!)
Well worth a read. The whole post is here.

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