Friday, December 06, 2019

How to heat your garden office

As the temperature drops, so shedworkers on Twitter begin their annual mild complaints about cold garden offices (at least at the start of the day). Though decent insulation should pretty much keep your shed space decently heated, there are a variety of other options to consider. Garden Affairs has a good post on the subject, looking at electric convection heaters, oil-filled radiators, woodburners, underfloor heating and insulation. Here's what they say about green roofs:
"Our green roofs are deservedly popular not just to encourage wildlife, but also because the thick soil layer helps maintain a constant temperature in the room below. No heating solution will create a comfortable working environment without these basics in place, and with careful planning you might find that for most of the year, they create a warm enough environment that you only need extra heating for a few hours each day."
Well worth a read.
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