Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Steve Pretty: shedworker (and The Hustle)

Steve Pretty is a musician, perhaps best known as the leader of the marvellous Hackney Colliery Band but he is also a shedworker (the outside of his garden office which he uses as a music production studio is pictured above. One of his most recent collaborations has been with Rhodri Marsden for the marvellous new disco concept album about Brexit, The Hustle (trailer below) on which he plays trumpet.

Here's the full track listing: Piece Of Cake 0:00 Freedom Of Movement 4:47 Let’s Go WTO 8:56 Backstop 13:04 Canada Plus 17:07 Alternative Arrangements 21:48 No Deal 26:26 Hard Is Better 31:10 . As Rhodri puts it: "It’s the musical antidote you never imagined, for the crisis you never wanted."More details and how to buy it are here.

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