Saturday, October 12, 2019

Garden office consultation suites

In an interview with the Suffolk-based Bury Free Press, managing director of Smart Matt Moss explains how it is rebranding itself so that while it is still providing garden offices, it has now become
Smart Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios to reflect its changing offering.

Among its portfolio are consultations suites, such as the one pictured above, which they rightly point out are private, comfortable spaces in which to meet clients compared to rented offices. Here's what they say about them"
"These multi-functional rooms can encompass garden office space alongside comfy sofas and soft, warm, welcoming lighting. Style and decorate your consultation room and design its layout to perfectly suit its required function, taking into consideration things like natural light and the need for storage. Clients will feel far more comfortable in the private, professional surroundings of a garden studio over a spare room in your house. The perfect ambience in your consultation room will leave a far better impression on your clients."
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