Monday, October 28, 2019

Beach Hut of the Year 2019

'Bertie' belonging to Jayne Eyres from Mersea is this year's winner of Hut of the Year organised by specialist insurers Love Your Hut (who insure beach huts, garden offices, shepherds' huts, and other shedlike atmospheres).

Jayne is co-owner of The Little Beach Hut Company which rents out three huts on Mersea Island, including the 60-year-old Bertie, Peggy and Kitty (a finalist in the 2017 incarnation of the award). Talking to the Daily Gazette, Jayne said: "For little Bertie to win this is a great privilege and honour. He was the first hut I bought about nine years ago back when you could buy beach huts for a reasonable price. Nobody wanted to buy him and he is now unrecognisable to the pictures you see today."
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