Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Garden office for Squeeze's Chris Difford

Singer-songwriter, guitarist and co-founder of the band Squeeze, Chris Difford is also now settling down to the life of a shedworker in a new garden office designed and built by Mark Burton from Tiny House Cabins. Chris has written an excellent blog post about the build (including his intriguing way of funding it...). He writes very lyrically about what he describes as "a place for me to sit and write to all of my hearts content." Here's a snippet:
"Mark and his team have built such an amazingly inspirational space to work, its kind and it’s calm. It sits underneath the many rooks' nests in the trees around us, they make a good sound, one you can’t really avoid. In my room I have my desk and my many things that keep me in my place, the womb of creativity I hope, where words will be tossed and fried, hung up and ironed out, found and stolen."
Well worth a read.
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