Monday, April 01, 2019

BBC launches new range of Tardis sheds

The BBC's marketing division has announced that it is entering the shed and garden office market with a new product called, unsurprisingly, the Tardis Shed. Built to the same specifications as the original 1963 police telephone box using eastern cedar timber and non-fluctuating androcyde panelling inside and out, its USP is that for the first time technology has meant that the interior space is in fact larger than is technically possible. The designers have used the skills used in 21st century transformer furniture and tiny house building methods to include a kitchen, mezzanine level, small shower, and composting toilet in the prototype design. Carefully-placed mirrors also help to make it larger than it actually is. We look forward to seeing it as a contestant in this year's Shed of the Year.

UPDATE: the Tardis shed will also make use of the latest lickable window technology unveiled today by Smart Garden Offices.

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