Thursday, April 18, 2019

Knock for Sale garden office property start up

Shed-based property startup Knock for Sale has raised £150k during its seed funding round, attracting investment from key players in the property industry including flatshare entrepreneur Rupert Hunt, founder of SpareRoom (who has invested £75k), Felix Milns, founder of Zulufish Residential, and actor and angel investor James Murray.
The platform, run by co-founders Kerrie Powell and Chris Allen from a garden office in West Sussex (pictured above), aims to boost the number of private home sales by providing a service that prints and posts cards from buyers to homeowners whose properties are not listed for sale. Rather than referral fees or commission, the site is funded by the fee for sending a card, which costs £5. The company will donate 5% of its profits to homeless charities.

Chris Allan and Kerrie Powell have worked together for 22 years and run a graphic design agency called Powell Allan alongside Knock for Sale, operating from the converted barn in their garden.

Speaking exclusively to Shedworking Kerrie said: "As designers, Chris and I share a common love for unique spaces. In 2011, after the birth of our son, we upped sticks to West Sussex. The prospect of having a detached workspace, in a rural setting, sold the property to us. Our workspace was once a 19th-century farm building, used as a piggery and cow infirmary. We also turned a tractor shed into a carport. Initially, we commuted to London, but now the studio has been renovated, there is no need. It is light and contemporary with a high pitched ceiling, exposed beams, wide oak floorboards with visible saw marks and a notable black pod that houses a bathroom and separates off a spare sleeping area. The space lends itself to creativity and buys us flexibility. Generally, we can juggle work and home-life seamlessly."

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