Monday, March 25, 2019

Garden office home brew

Of course all shedworkers work hard in their garden offices, but all work and no play makes a shedworker a bit dull, so many combine hobbies or interests with their workspace. For many years, the first Shedworking HQ was where the staff also brewed their own cider with mixed success and it's good to hear about others who have gone down a similar garden path.

Writer Allen Boroughs is one of these and he explains in a blog post exactly how he makes his own ginger beer. Here's a snippet:
The shelves of my office usually groan with experimental batches of ginger beer that tinker with the precise ratios of ginger, lemon juice, sugar and frogspawn in search of the perfect brew. Its fun, it’s quite tasty and it does wonders for my ‘mad professor’ persona when I have visitors. I even have an experimental batch of chilli ginger beer on the go which I have high hopes for.
Image of Whisky HQ Shed owned by David Nicks from Taunton in  Devon courtesy Cuprinil and Readersheds -------------------------------------------------
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