Friday, March 29, 2019

How to choose a site for your garden office

There are various legal considerations when choosing where to site your garden office - depending where you live, you need to consider its square footage, proximity to boundaries, height, and so forth. But there are also aesthetic issues to ponder. Here's science and nature writer Sarah Boon on her decision-making process for her writing cabin:
I’d been having a hard time deciding where in the yard I wanted it to be – some locations looked better than others when I was down in the yard, but when I looked at them from the house I thought they were too exposed to the neighbours or too close to the house. My husband had a good idea: he suggested I take a stool and a notebook, sit in every potential shed location, and write about it. Wow, it worked like a charm. I carried my stool (really a small 3-step foldable ladder) around the yard and sat and wrote at every potential shed site. I wrote about what I liked and didn’t like about it, what worked and didn’t work, what spoke to me and what didn’t. 
It's well worth reading the rest of the piece here as well as her earlier post about why she wants one.

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