Sunday, March 24, 2019

Pub sheds in America

The concept of the pub shed has become so popular in the UK that it now has its own category in the Shed of the Year awards. Interestingly, it is now crossing the pond as discussed in this excellent article on Wide Open Country by Shannon Ratliff who interview Sarah and Chris Bullock about their pub shed on a small island in Washington State. Here's a snippet of what Sarah says about it:
"Our favorite part of the shed is the indoor stove and outdoor fire pit. We love to cook over open flame and host dinners at the shed! In summer, we're always outside and the Bar Shed is a staple. In the winters, we'll bring the picnic table inside and use the stove to make hot toddies and enjoy the shed with our friends! The bar can be removed from the shed to make room for a huge vintage rug and a big air mattress. The bar shelves make for a pretty awesome headboard! Our whiskey barrels double as nightstands which are useful for guests to enjoy their nightcaps. A refill is always within reach! We have friends who fight over who gets to wake up to the beautiful view in the Bar Shed!"
Well worth a read.

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