Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The rise of the modern garden office

 An interesting article in the Herts Advertiser (Shedworking HQ's local newspaper) by Richard Burton talks to three shedworkers in Hertfordshire about their garden offices, photographer Chris Frazer Smith, Kate Buchanan who runs a textile art business, and reflexologist Elisabeth Grover (who has a circular shed). Here's a snippet:
An early adopter was photographer Chris Frazer Smith, 55, who had his shed built 13 years ago when he and his choreographer wife, Jane, moved out of London and settled in Ashwell in North Herts. At first, he found it hard to break the habit of commuting to his studio in Islington but five years ago he “cut the umbilical cord” by selling it in search of a better home-life balance. It also meant an end to what he recalls as the “horrific” rush-hour trips from Baldock to King’s Cross.
Well worth a read and with some nice photos.

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