Thursday, January 10, 2019

Building a garden office: part 2 (video)

We're highlighting a couple of 'how to build a garden office' video series at the moment. Here's the latest episode - see bottom of this post - from web designer and developer Jack McConnell's build (you can see part one here). Here's what he says about it:
This second video is mostly a 2-week timelapse of all the deconstruction and re-construction work that happened in my garden as a result of this. The work included removing a large hedgerow, replacing all the fences, installing a new side-gate, and adding a compacted hardcore pad ready for the office foundations to sit on. I wasn't going to add a hardcore pad at this stage but as the digger was there and the company I was using were well priced, I decided to get this done at the same time. Although not in the video, it turned out the trees in the hedge were so rotten that a couple of them snapped in half when pulling them over, punching a large hole in the old fence before it was fully removed - a good job I had it all replaced!
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