Thursday, January 17, 2019

The rise of gardens in the office

An interesting article in the New York Times asks (and then answers) The Next Frontier in Office Space? The Outdoors. Journalist Jane Margolies argues that outdoor work areas are the logical next step in the evolution of flexible offices and writes:
Employers with suburban campuses have long turned swaths of blank lawn into furnished outdoor areas where workers can meet with colleagues, work alone or simply take a break from their computer screens. Now, developers and owners of urban office buildings are adding terraces and transforming once-barren rooftops into parklike settings, where workers can plant vegetables, unfurl yoga mats or swing in a hammock.
Among the examples she gives is CookFox Architects (who themselves grow kale and keep an apiary on their own office terraces) who have recently completed an office building which has nearly 17,000 square feet of terraces featuring native grasses and trees. Well worth a read.

Pictured is the roof garden on the Holland Mills Mori Tower in Tokyo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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