Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Is your New Year's Resolution to become a shedworker?

If so, and you are thinking of going down the self-build path, then here is an inspiration 'how to' from Iain Poulson. He explains why he chose the garden office solution:
Back in 2017 we were expecting our second child, and being a remote worker using the spare bedroom as an office, where I would work after her arrival posed a problem. I love working from home – no commute, no annoying office folks and politics, the ability to see more of my family. However, having a designated space where I can work relatively uninterrupted was no longer possible. I didn’t want to use coffee shops or rent a desk at a managed office, as that would mean losing the benefits I enjoy, and with moving house not really a viable quick fix, we decided to make use of a disused space in the garden and go down the increasingly popular route of building an office in the garden.
In the post he gives a brief talk-through of the whole process. Well worth a read.
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