Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Matt Haig planning to become a shedworker

Writer Matt Haig - currently riding high in the bestsellers charts with his Notes on a Nervous Planet - has indicated on Twitter his plans to become a shedworker (he had mentioned earlier in the year to the Sunday Telegraph that his house did have a shed in which he planned to work but that his children had commandeered it). It's had, as you'd hope, a very positive response as you'll see if you click the link and see the responses which include famous and personal examples of writing sheds.

Interestingly, two years ago he told The Guardian:
Although I still have a room set aside for writing, I rarely (never) write in it. I have long fantasised about building a Roald Dahl‑style writer’s shed in the garden but I know, deep down, I would never end up going there.
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