Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Compost toilet company merger is good news for garden office workers

West Midlands compost toilet manufacturer The Little House Co has joined Skipton-based Kildwick to create what is claimed to be the largest compost toilet company in the UK. It brings together The Little House Co’s specialism for land-based customers and Kildwick’s canal/boating users into one, combining the manufacturing, development and marketing skills of both businesses.

With the widest range of waterless, off-grid compost toilets that can be installed virtually anywhere in houses, including garden offices, sheds, summerhouses, shepherds huts, and boats, either temporarily or permanently. The combined business will benefit from the design, technical and manufacturing expertise that Kildwick Ltd has created, with the marketing and promotion skills and different customer base of The Little House Co.

“The first time I met Colin and Maria (Kildwick Ltd) was back in 2014," said Martin Doyle of the Little House Co, "and we instantly became friends. Joining Kildwick seemed a natural thing to do and enables me to utilise their manufacturing and development skills so I can concentrate on the marketing and promotion aspects to bring all our products to the widest audience.”

Colin and Maria added that the two companies had been working “in cooperative competition" for the last three years. “Each of us tended to specialise in a different market segment, but with common values of quality, customer service and value for money. Bringing the businesses together will help us combine our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses”.

The Little House Co was formed in 2012 by Martin Doyle and manufactures the Eco-Loo range of compost toilets, as well as reselling toilets from Swedish manufacturer, Separett. Kildwick was formed in 2014 by Colin Ives and Maria Matthews and using innovative production methods including fibre glass and 3D printed components, combined with traditional woodwork and metal crafts, they have created a unique range of products including the Kildwick Koodle, the smallest compost toilet on the market. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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