Monday, July 09, 2018

Estate agents confirm garden offices add value to your property

An interesting article in the always shed-friendly Telegraph talks to various estate agents about the benefits of garden offices. Among those discussing the rise of shedworking is Bruce King, director of Cheffins who emphasises that in his experience most garden rooms are built as workspaces for freelancers and people working flexibly. He estimates an off-the-peg garden office adds around five per cent to the value of a property, but what he describes as “the smart, bespoke examples" could add more like10 per cent.

Roarie Scarisbrick from Property Vision points out that quality is king too, telling the newspaper that: “When they are badly insulated and covered in spiders, your heart sinks. If they are pristine, and plumbed and heated, and they actually have a use they can be very cool, that will certainly add value.”

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