Friday, July 13, 2018

Haynes Shed Manual: Update

Several readers have been asking how the Shed Manual John Coupe and I are working on for Haynes is coming along (see here for the story so far). Here are some recent shots from the latest photoshoot taken by Dave Hodgkinson at the various sites in the south-east where the sheds are being built.

Top is Hodge snapping John as he prepares to make additional shingles for the garden room building pictured centre (all the shingle are entirely hand-made), while the bottom image is the largest structure we're planning to include, partly built with the help of one of the country's most famous eco-builders and woodsmen, Ben Law.

The builds are all close to completion and we are wrapping up the words too. The book should be available in all good bookshops in spring 2019.
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