Thursday, January 25, 2018

Ceramicist's potting shed studio

Here's a lovely build using recycled/salvaged materials (in particular off-cut plywood and ex-display windows and doors) designed by Grey Griffiths Architects for a ceramicist in North London (photo by Adam Scott). Named The Potting Shed. The goal was to "create a warm, inviting space that embraced the practical requirements of a maker’s studio". Here's what the architects say:
"The local area has both a strong sense of community and rich industrial heritage. The studio’s front elevation emulates the architectural style of nearby factories with clean lines, matte black finish and a low-rise pitched roof...It shows how inventive architecture and resourcefulness can make design attainable to those on a tight budget."
Lots more photos, interior and exterior, at the Grey Griffiths site here.
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