Thursday, January 04, 2018

Susan Hill on garden offices

In her excellent recent literary memoir Jacob's Room is Full of Books: A Year of Reading, awardwinning writer Susan Hill (author of The Woman in Black and the Simon Serrailler detective series) talks about where she writes (or in fact doesn't write) in terms of shedworking. Here's a snippet:
Roald Dahl had a gypsy caravan in which to write. I had a shepherd's hut, but left it behind in the Cotswolds. A summerhouse went along with this Norfolk house and at first I thought it would be perfect as my new writing shed. It is not. It is the right building in the wrong place - too far from the house when you have to go back for something  vital like a different pen, or the loo, and across some very rough and often boggy ground. It faces south, which sounds lovely but at any time from late April to October it is likely to be in direct sunlight and boiling. So it is little used. I keep planning a different shed, nearer to the house, facing west.
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