Friday, January 05, 2018

Garden office self-build guide

There's nothing better than a really detailed guide on how to build your own garden office and this is one of the best we've ever seen. Written by freelance translator Luke Spear, this step-by-step look at creating your own shedworking space is full of useful tips (including leaving the electrics to the experts), plenty of photos, and the kind of things that you actually need to know, such as exactly which tools you'll need for the job. He mentions that it might be available in the future in book form and that would be great to see. Here's a snippet:
Be prepared for a lot of effort. Your mindset has to remain positive because it’s very easy to be disheartened half-way through the build. Take small steps. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Call on experienced people for support. Even if it doesn’t feel like it’s going forward, it is. It’s just hard to see it when you’re doing the building. It’s a very rewarding process, but you just have to power through to get to that rewarding part.
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