Tuesday, January 09, 2018

A Little Saw

Friend of Shedworking Andy Clark who runs the excellent Workshopshed.com site ('
Making and repairing in a shed at the bottom of the garden') has a new book out which looks marvellous, A Little Saw. Here's what he says about it:
Many people like to use the phrase “the right tool for the job”. This is great if you know what the right tool is or even what the choices are. There are a bewildering number of different types of saw so this book focuses on some common types that you are likely to find in your workshop, garage, maker space, tool library or shed. With the aid of this book, you should be able to identify and select the right saw for your job. Often it is not critical to get the perfect saw but choosing the best one available to you will help you to quickly make accurate quality cuts.
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