Thursday, December 14, 2017

Experimental hairy garden office reverse Tardis

Here's a remarkable coco-fibre broom-clad garden office from architects 2hd which they call 'Mission Control' and describe as "exercise in teleportation, designed to take us from the everyday hurly burly to a another world — one of calm, quiet and focus... Our intention was that the building should create three totally separate experiences: an enigmatic exterior, a serene interior and a ceremonial commute to work."

There is no obvious door or window as the whole exterior is covered with brooms. Best of all, it's what 2hd call a 'reverse Tardis', i.e. it's actually smaller on the inside than it looks from the outside. The interior is clad in whitewashed plywood and insulated with sheep's wool. A skylight provides ventilation and light.

Lots more marvellous images of Mission Control at 2hd's site here as well as more details of the build.

Mission Control: How to get in from 2hD Architecture Workshop on Vimeo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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