Monday, December 11, 2017

Tim Dowling's ongoing garden office adventure

Tim Dowling is fast becoming a high profile shedworker - he has now written two columns in a row about his shedworking in The Guardian and we look forward next Saturday to a hat trick. Here's a snippet from the latest:
In the morning I wake up early, get dressed, pull on boots and tramp across the frosted ground to my shed. I unlock the door, turn on the heat, then walk straight back to the kitchen to make coffee.
Working at the end of the garden is peaceful, if a little isolating. Most days I see no one until lunchtime, sometimes until dusk. The shed – a glass and timber pod assembled on site – is absolutely silent with the door shut. For the first time in months I can hear myself think, and I’m not sure I like it.
A sharp rap on the glass causes me to jump out of my chair. The door opens and my wife leans in.
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