Friday, December 15, 2017

Garden shed built out of acrylic glass tubes

This 6 m² shed was built as a folly in Leonberg, Germany, by Kawahara Krause Architects out of acrylic glass tubes which as they say, creates a place to sit outside in the garden but at the same time being inside. Here's what the architects say about it:
The volume consists of a grid structure of acrylic tubes connected by joints developed especially for the project. Two two-dimensional cross-shaped acrylic parts interlock to create the simple three-dimensional joints. While the tubes are transparent, the joints are lasered from white acrylic, accentuating the white, star-like joints depending on the lighting. The volume of the Garden Folly then turns into a seemingly hovering cloud of points in space.
When it's sunny, the tubes shine. -------------------------------------------------------
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