Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Margaret Drabble: Shedworker

Author Margaret Drabble, Lady Holroyd (A Summer Bird Cage, The Witch of Exmoor), works in a writing shed at the bottom of her garden in Somerset with marvellous views over Porlock harbour. In an interview with the Guardian she explains that her wellknown gardening son Joe Swift helped her turn a jungle-like garden into "a long, level retreat, complete with pond, willowy foxglove tree and a wooden writing shed".

She first started writing in her garden office in 1994, saying: "I work better in my little shed. Your concentration changes when you know people can't get at you. When they can, you're half-waiting for them to do so. You even feel a bit annoyed if they don't. It's such a luxury to have something that you've arranged for yourself, with a view. "

Apparently there is no phone line inside the shed, nor any internet connection, but there is a desk, typewriter and laptop, a globe, and a photo of her father.

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